Rick Melick

Lead Pastor, Church Planter and Leadership Coach.

Rick Melick

Lead Pastor, Church Planter and Leadership Coach.


Pastor Rick Melick is the Senior Pastor at Capitol City Church in Des Moines, Iowa.  Cap City is an innovative, non-denominational - theologically conservative church located in one of the fastest growing and exciting communities in the United States.


Capitol City Church is a friend to our community by being Jesus’ hands and feet - earning the right to share our faith by loving and serving our world to a saving relationship with God.

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Personal Information


Pastor Rick has 20 years of experience as a senior pastor leading staff teams of up to 65 people.   Since beginning ministry in 1989, teaching, evangelism and local outreach are his passions.  While Rick spent most of his ministry in Southern Baptist Churches, he is currently serving a conservative non-denominational congregation with an "outside the box" approach to ministry.  In addition to pastoring, Rick is a church planting consultant, a certified ministry strategy coach and a contributing seminary instructor for creative preaching.  


Rick and Joy met in college and were married in 1989.  Rick is from South Florida and Joy is from Arkansas.  They have two sons and a daughter-in-law.  Rick is usually found with  his faithful furry companion - Stogie Jones Jr.  and Joy loves her dog Woodrow P. Wilson.  Rick and Joy are recent "empty nesters" and are enjoying dating again.  They like to hike, try new restaurants and watch movies at the theatre around the corner.  Joy is active in the church and often surprises the staff with lunch before weekly church staff meetings.  


Pastor Rick served churches in San Francisco, Seattle, Arkansas and Des Moines. He personally planted churches in the San Francisco area and the Ozark Mountains in Northern Arkansas and led his congregations to launch churches in Mexico, British Columbia and in the Guatemalan community in Seattle.    Although known for creative local outreach strategies, he is committed to world missions as well.  Trips to Africa, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Europe and Canada  shaped his spiritual world view.  

Resume and Experience

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Pastor Rick Melick


Committed to Christian Education

In addition to earning a Master of Arts in Theology and a Master of Divinity in Ministry, Pastor Rick is finishing his doctoral dissertation at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.  He is a contributing instructor for creative preaching in two graduate seminaries - emphasizing "real life" illustrations and bridging the gap between scripture and contemporary culture. 

Passionate Bible Teacher

Having dedicated his life to the teaching of God's infallible, inspired Word, he works faithfully to produce culturally relevant,  theologically conservative teaching series complete with Bible Study material, small group discussion outlines and booklet style worship guides - for example: (http://capitolcitychurch.com/f…/heroesandvillainsbooklet.pdf) and (capitolcitychurch.com/files/beforethebigleaguesbooklet.pdf) Recent sermon series titles include "Dirty Church" and "Heroes and Villains of the Bible." Stogie Jones Jr. (Pastor Rick's Jack Russell)  or Joy's dog - Woodrow P. Wilson make regular appearances to help illustrate important teaching points.  

Focused on Local Outreach

Pastor Rick is committed to a strategic approach to local outreach and has successfully mobilized congregations to build bridges into the local community earning the right to share their faith by loving and serving the world around them.  He currently partners with local public school districts, law enforcement agencies, fire departments and first responders.   In fact, he is a volunteer Chaplain for a local fire department.  Rick's church recently mobilized a team to support local families of deployed National Guard soldiers.  Through a ministry Rick started - called City Serve (http://www.capitolcitychurch.com/cityserve) hundreds of church volunteers "Serve Those Who Serve" on a monthly basis.

Coach and Consultant

As a  5E Certified Executive Leadership Coach, Pastor Rick works with pastors who are struggling with relevant ministry strategy and vision.  In addition, he is a church planting strategist and consultant - recently contracting with the North American Mission Board to train and assess future church planters.  Coaching  pastors and staff team members is one of the things that Pastor Rick enjoys the most.

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